How Energy Clearing & Healing can support your home & work space

Have you ever walked in a room and felt a heavy and dense energy, giving you an uncomfortable feeling?


Well, you are ‘picking up’ the energy of that space.

Everything in the universe is energy which has its energy field and that includes your home and work environment.   All energies have different vibrations.  Positivity holds higher vibration and negativity holds a lower and denser vibration.  We don’t see them, but most of the time we can feel them! 

Just as it feels great to spend time with people that have a happy, positive and higher vibration, the same applies to homes, rooms and spaces. The energy in your home or work space will impact and influence a person, consciously or unconsciously, in a positive or negative manner.

There are many factors that can affect an energy field in a negative way, such as a person’s stress, worry, pain, sadness, grievance or fear.  Those negative energies can become ‘stuck” in a space and can literally affect the physical and well-being of everyone that enters this space thereafter. Consequently, impacting the relationships amongst family members at home, or staff within a business and how things flow in general.


When should you consider to have Energy Clearing & Healing at your home or work space?

Before moving into a new home or work space, clearing the old and unknown energies so you can fill the space with your own unique energy, 

After life challenges or stressful situations such as divorce, death, grievances, traumas or disputes.

A yearly energy clearing can be uplifting and do wonders to support a healthy balance for your home and business. 

It is a bit like an energetic spring clean!

Spaces energy clearing & healing can also be effective and done remotely or by distance.  Be in touch to find out more details!